Terrific Tuesday - Garden Tour!

Right now, I'm in charge of organizing a monthly activity for my group of church ladies-

 This month, we decided to go on a 'field trip' and have an official garden tour of the gorgeous kitchen gardens at the celebrated Herbfarm Restaurant.

 The raised beds were stunning as always.

 And we got some detailed insights from Herbfarm's own kitchen gardener.

 Golden hour...

 Blooming amaranth.

 Runner-bean teepee.

 Alium flower heads.

 And these fireworks-looking things are an ornamental alium bloom - new to me!

 There are also a pair of Vietnamese potbelly pigs named Borage and Basil. Darling boys!

 The bumblebees were out in force (and moving too quickly for my camera to catch well in the lowering light). It was truly lovely.

 We then met back together for some herb-based treats - made with herbs from *my* garden.

 The sorbets were particularly good (it has been so hot lately).

Lovely group of ladies, beautiful growing things and delicious treats. What could be better? :-)