Pike's Market -

 In our tour-of-Seattle, we of course had to see Pike's Market -

 -famous for the throwing-of-fish...

 And many an eclectic shop and craftsman...

 Multiple levels of shops - it goes on and on (I don't think I've ever seen them all).

 The lower you go, the creepier the shop window contents get. :-)

 The *one* shop that the daughter wanted to visit (with the Disney figurines) was unaccountably closed. Alas..

 And of course, we couldn't leave without seeing the infamous gum-wall!

(We came back with enormous scrumptious peaches and freshly-made cheese and various cools things - but you get pictures of gum!!)

Chihuly Day -

A couple of weeks ago my brother and family came to visit, and to sight-see a bit in Seattle.

One of the places we visited was the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum -

The interior is full of dynamic, organic well-lit shapes of glass...

Sculptural pieces...

Framed two-dimensional designs...

A ceiling of glass!

(this was maybe my favorite exhibit in the entire place).

Room-sized arrangements of sinuous forms.

The reflections almost as vibrant as the actual forms.

Lots of 'chandeliers' hanging from the ceiling.

An enormous glass house filled with looping floral shapes...

And, oh the gardens! 

Sadly, my camera can't get close to capturing how amazing the glass was outside amongst the plants. You may have to come see for yourself.

It was an awful lot to take in!...